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Tuesday Night Kickoff (Choir Style)

While it was hot outside Tuesday, (really HOT), it was hot inside Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, just not the outside kind of hot. The choir kicked off the start of the new season with the usual time of getting reconnected with old friends, picking up music, and of course eating lots of food. Usually, it's a buffet with some of the best, and widest variety of food you can think of, however, due to some remodeling in the church we had to cut it back to a nice selection of snacks provided by the Board.

Rehearsal time is not just all talking and snacking, as we finally came together to do what we all love, SING! To start things off we welcomed 16 new members to the choir this year (applause for the new members!) It was then time to meet with Dr. Heather Roberson, our guest conductor for the Fall Concert. And what better way for a choir and conductor to get to know each other than through warmups.

So, what can you look forward to in the fall concert? The Parting Glass arranged by Desmond Early, The Road Home by Stephen Paulus, and one of my favorites, Joseph Hyden's Te Deum. There is a lot more on the concert, but we will preview that a little latter. For now I will leave you with a little bit of The Awakening by Joseph M. Martin.

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