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New Title, Same Concert.

Our Guest Conductor, Adam Witte, has given our Winter Concert a title: Light's Promised Return. Here is what he has to say in regard to the upcoming concert.

"Thousands of songs have been written about Spring's arrival and hundreds about the anticipation, but I find far fewer that explore that waiting through the lens of hardship--and I think that leaves an opportunity to connect with less-talked-about human experiences. Everyone waiting for the return of light and hope is not simply pining in a gloomy room under a dreary sky; some of us find ourselves far from the familiarity and warmth of the light we depend upon, whether through our own actions or circumstances beyind our control. There are songs that speak to these sentiments, too, and their messages resonate just as much and are just as important. Light's Promised Return is a concert centered around the experience of anticipating Spring--whether that is a simple excitement for an assured blessing or a desperate clinging to a hope that has been buried under tribulation. We hope to take you on a musical journey through these last days of darkness before Spring, through optimism, adversity, grief, questioning, and ultimately, recognition--that no matter what the winter has wrought, Spring will come."

Light's Promised Return is coming soon on March 10th, at Countryside Community Church, at 2:00 pm. You can purchase tickets by clicking the button below. We look forward to seeing you there.

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