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Tickets, Get Your Tickets!

The calendar may say Fall is not here yet, but the days are getting shorter, the temps are becoming more comfortable, at least for me, kids are back to school, and summer activities are starting to give way to more indoor activities. So, if you are looking for something to stimulate the mind and stir the soul, I have an option for you. Our Fall Concert on October 15th, at First United Methodist church!

The OSC’s fall concert will present a collection of choral works of various styles and eras from around the world. We open with a call and response style piece from South Africa which is followed by an arrangement of an early American tune. We continue with two dramatic works celebrating the power of music from American composer Joseph Martin and Norwegian composer Kim André Arnesen. The concert continues with a representation of one of the Classical era's most well-loved works in Joseph Hadyn’s Te Deum, followed by a beautiful Scottish ballad. We will then present a sublime Romantic era motet and conclude the concert with a boisterous gospel tune, Worthy to Be Praised. This is sure to be a concert all will enjoy!

Head over to our events page to get your tickets to the fall concert, and we look forward to seeing you for a wonderful afternoon on Oct. 15th.

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