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CATC Preview with David Gardner

OSC is fortunate to have David Gardner on staff as Composer in Residence. He has provided us with a number of compositions over the past few years, with the texts he chooses, combined with flowing melodies and rich harmonies, give a wonderful life to the pieces he composes.

For this CATC concert David has two pieces that we will be performing. "Precious Child" and a setting of "O Magnum Mysterium." He writes about the two pieces:

Precious Child, a setting for a cappella chamber voices, is a unique portrayal of the nativity depicting Mary and Joseph rocking the baby Jesus to sleep as they struggle with the wonder of a helpless baby’s role in the salvation of mankind. It is at the same time a lullaby and a glorious reflection of Heaven’s musical rejoice at Christ’s birth. 

O Magnum Mysterium, in a contrasting perspective of the nativity, focuses on the wonder and mystery surrounding Christ’s birth that the rest of the world experiences.  This richly scored work for chorus and orchestra reflects the power, wonder, and majesty of a universal gift of love from the creator of all things.

Of interest, Precious Child was premiered in St Cecilia’s nearly 25 years ago, representing the beginning of my compositional career.  Whereas, O Magnum Mysterium is my most recent work and represents not only my compositional journey, but also my broadening understanding of and appreciation for the mysteries and wonders here on Earth and above in the heavens.   

The texts for each piece is as follows:


Oh, my precious child, do you hear the angels singing? Alleluia to the Lord!Fast to sleep, close your eyes, now lay down your head. Alleluia!

Oh, my precious child, do you know that you are king? Alleluia to the King!Precious child, do you see the bright shining star? Alleluia!

Oh, my precious child, do you hear the angels singing? Alleluia to the Lord!Anthems ring! Glorious sounds of Heaven rejoice! Alleluia!


O magnum mysterium

Et admirabile sacramentum

 Dominum natum 

Jacentem in praesepio!

Beata Virgo, cujus viscera

Meruerunt portare

Dominum Christum


O great mystery,

and wonderful sacrament,

that animals should see the newborn Lord,
lying in a manger!

Blessed is the virgin whose womb

was worthy to bear

the Lord, Jesus Christ.


You can hear these two pieces and more on Friday, December 1st at 7:30 pm and Sunday December 3rd at 2:30 pm at St. Cecillia Cathedral. Click here to purchase tickets, and if you purchase 10 or more tickets use coupon code "CATC23" to receive 10% off your order.

We look forward to seeing you at St. Cecillia Cathedral!

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