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A Thank You and What's Next.

Our first concert of the season was last Sunday and what a wonderful time the choir had presenting it to you. A big thanks to all who came to hear us.

I would also like to thank Dr Heather Roberson as well for preparing and leading us through a wonderful mix of reflective and joyous music.

So now it's time to start thinking about Christmas! But it's still October. Yes, but Christmas at the Cathedral comes much earlier than Christmas itself! So, I am pleased to announce that tickets for Christmas at the Cathedral are now on sale.

Our ticket price and seating has changed this year from previous years. In past years we have had a preferred and general seating tickets. Tickets for this year's concert will be $30 and all general seating.

Now, going to a CATC concert is always an enjoyable experience, but what makes that experience better is sharing it with family and friends. So, with that in mind, we have a coupon code for you when ordering tickets online. By using the code "CATC23" at checkout you can save 10% on your ticket order of 10 or more tickets. Get together with your group of friends and enjoy a wonderful evening or afternoon at Saint Cecilia Cathedral. Just make sure you double check the date you wish to attend as there are separate tickets for each performance.

I'll have more information about the concert program that Dr. Barron Breland is conducting soon, so stay tuned.

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