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Members Handbook

Rehearsal Location:
Rehearsal Time:
Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church
7706 S 96th St, La Vista, NE 68128
Tuesday 7:00pm-9:30pm
Rehearsal Information

Rehearsals are held every Tuesday at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church in La Vista from 7:00pm to 9:30pm. There is a 10-minute break in the middle of the rehearsal. Regular attendance is required for concert participation.


Singers are considered tardy if they miss more than 30 minutes of a rehearsal by arriving late or leaving early. A tardy equates to ½ of an absence.

Notification of Absence or Tardy

If a singer knows in advance that they will be absent or tardy, the singer is to send an email to

Attendance Policy

Attendance is a crucial piece of a singer’s membership in the Omaha Symphonic Chorus. Preparation of music and balance is only achieved when singers attend each rehearsal. In every rehearsal, notes are given for vocalization techniques, styling, and proper pronunciation and diction. Every singer is expected to attend every rehearsal to gain these notes and to allow the Artistic Director to better assess balance and areas of concern.

Concert Participation

As part of membership in the Omaha Symphonic Chorus, a singer is expected to participate in each concert of the season. This allows our group to work with other organizations more professionally. If a singer knows they will be unable to sing in one of the concerts, they must send an email to

Absence Allowance

Absence Allowance is based on a ratio of 2 absences for every 8-10 rehearsals. For example, in one preparation period with 10 rehearsals, 2 absences would be permitted.  In another preparation period with 26 rehearsals, 4 absences would be permitted. The specific absence allowance for each performance preparation period will be communicated prior to the start of each preparation period. When the permitted number of absences have been met or exceeded for a singer, the singer, Membership Committee Chair and Artistic Director will communicate about feasibility of singing in the focused concert.

Exception for the week prior to the concert (tech week): Additional rehearsals are scheduled, and attending is mandatory to achieve the level of preparedness required. The Artistic Director must approve any exceptions.


The operation of the Omaha Symphonic Chorus is a financial as well as a musical endeavor. The expenses of the chorus are significant. The Board finances these operations through grant writing, business and corporate giving, and a direct mail annual fund drive. Chorus members are asked to participate as follows:

Membership Fee

The annual membership fee for the OSC concert season of $150 is due at the first rehearsal and must be paid no later than the last rehearsal in September. Members with financial hardship who desire to pay their dues in installments must contact the OSC treasurer to make arrangements. Membership dues are non-refundable. If a payment check is returned for insufficient funds, the member will be responsible for any returned check fees and may be charged administrative fees by OSC.

Concert Ticket Sales

Chorus members are our best sales force! More information about tickets will be available at rehearsals.

Other Fundraising Activities

More information will be given out, as needed.

Financial Assistance

OSC is dedicated to working with any singer who wishes to become a member but may also be fiscally constrained.  Please contact the OSC treasurer to obtain a financial assistance application form.  Applications are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Rehearsal Etiquette

Be on time, bring a pencil, and turn off the sound on your phone. Keep discussions with those around you to a minimum.  Do not wear perfume or cologne.


Music that the Omaha Symphonic Chorus uses is either purchased by OSC or borrowed from other institutions in the area.  OSC considers any purchases we make to be a financial investment for the chorus.  Please care for your music as if you purchased it yourself.  Please protect it in a folder or binder.  Chorus members need to provide their own black folder for concerts.  Completely black 3-ring binders are acceptable.  Music will be “checked out” at the beginning of the concert preparation period.  If music is not returned in good condition or is lost, the chorus may ask for it to be replaced at the member’s expense.  Please only use pencil when marking music – do not use highlighter or a 3-hole punch without permission from the librarian.

Concert Dress

Men:  Black tuxedo, specific black vest (available at Gentleman’s Choice), white shirt, black bow tie, black socks and black shoes are required.

Women:   Women’s attire is your choice of a long black skirt or slacks from your wardrobe and a purchased top, which will be ordered for you.  Measurements will be taken at the first rehearsal.  Cost is approximately $45.    Black hose and closed toe black shoes are required.  Jewelry should be kept to a minimum.  Stud earrings are permitted, but no necklaces.  Hair accessories should not be visible from the audience.

All:  Black folder for music, no perfume or cologne.

Score Markings

Before each rehearsal, members should number their measures.  If notes have been emailed prior to the rehearsal, they should be transferred into the music.  Markings should always be made in pencil.


Omaha Symphonic Chorus members receive notices, announcements, and notes through regular emails. Please be sure that we have your most current e-mail address and that you check your e-mail regularly. You will receive a weekly Symphonic Chorus email with rehearsal notes, concert updates, and other information, as well as a monthly newsletter.

* Important announcements are often made at rehearsals. Contact a member of the Board of Directors if you have questions or concerns.

Inclement Weather

Omaha Symphonic Chorus will send an email if a rehearsal is cancelled due to inclement weather.  If the practice has not been cancelled, but you are unable to attend due to the weather, email

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